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The traditional trail head sign picture. Heidi always asks me why I take a picture of the sign. The reason is that I am lazy. When I go to put the pictures into a scrapbook the picture of the sign labels the page so I don't have to handwrite any labels.

View of the coast south from the Otford Coast Walk parking area.

Houses on an isolated rock shelf. We never did find the access road to get to these houses.

View from the cliff top. Just over the edge is a 300 foot drop to the ocean.

View from the Cabbage Tree Palm Jungle looking north. This sheltered valley really feels like a jungle. Most of the trees are palms and figs. They are covered with vines as you can see in the photo. It is only about a quarter mile from the open gum forest pictured in the photo of the trail.

View from the cliff side path through the gum trees.

A level spot in the trail where it follows a fire access road. Most of the forest was burned last year, however this section near Otford was spared.


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