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"Uluru Dreaming" by Sharon Brown

art quilt, 180cm x 121 cm, "...After designing the basic outline I set to work collecting fabrics and sewing which took 4 years and many courses to complete. My ideas came from postcards, quilt shows, and the internet for symbols of aboriginal dreamtime on the border."

"Under the Southern Cross in the Outback," by Caroline Shirley

art quilt, 110cm x 125 cm "2002 is the 'Year of the Outback' and I love making Outback Landscapes! Free-machine techniques using any fabric. The colour is the most important ingredient in my quilts, and having fun with the process!"

"Echidna Quilt" by Deb Nichol (left) and "Corroboree II" by Ann Haddad (right)

Echidna--Art Quilt, 110cm x 125 cm, "Inspired by the book, The Echidna; Australia's Enigma, and sightings of an echidna on our property. The female echidna is surrounded by a "train" of male echidnas, the baby puggle in its leafy nest, and flora and fauna from our scrub.

The patchwork block "Corroborree," which is centered on a stylised verison of the Australian Aboriginal flag, was designed for the Centenary of Federation 2001 competition organised by Canberra Quilters. The quilt is a tribute to reconciliation." Art quilt, 110cm x 125cm

"Macrocarpa and Friends" by Susan Mathews

Best of Show 2001 -- "This quilt comes from my love of the forms of Australian flora. Machine pieced, raw-edge applique, machine embroidery & quilting. Hand dyed and hand painted & commercial fabrics."

Dolphins -- quilter unknown

My apologies to the wonderful artist who created this beautiful art quilt--I believe a "best of show winnner" from a previous year. Unfortuately I was unable to read the tag on the quilt to locate this one in the show program and give the credit due!

Wearable Art

There was a huge, wearable art exhibition at the quilt show--fascinating.

"Tomaree Quilt" by the Bay Quilters of Nelson Bay

A huge triptych "illustrating the natural beauty of Port Stephens including historical features, natural flora as well as tourist activities. A large community project involving silk dyeing, machine and hand piecing, applique', felting and embroidery."

Quilts at the Sydney Quilt Show

"Xanthorea" by Beth and Trevor Reid (special exhibition)

"Xanthoria or grass tree--is geologically (sic) the oldest tree in Australia and still very much a part of the natural environment. It is used frequently in landscape design because of its intriguing shape. Slow growing, long in life, it perseveres through the harshest conditions in the natural environment. Found in a variety of of terrains it has survived the centuries. The land may have altered dramatically around it but the Xanthorea has remained unchanged.

"Xanthorrhea" by Gloria Loughman

These trees are also known as "grass trees."

"Golden Dreaming" by Gloria Loughman--1998 Best of Show

"From the rugged sandstone escarpment to the shade water lily carpeted billabongs, Kakdu is a special place for all Australians to treasure and share.

View from the catwalk

The Quilters' Guild Inc. Quilt Show 2002 Festival

"Mallee Madness" by Julieann Ingram

Beginners Quilt, 176cm x 182 cm, "Tribute to the brushcutters who harvest melaleuca in the Mallee for brush fencing. Cut by machette, these men of stamina are rare. Fauna and flora found around our camp in outback."

"Native Blooms" by Robyn Sandford

Traditional-Predominantly Applique' (Amateur)

228cm x 228cm

"Caesia Cascade" by Susan Mathews

Art Quilt, 180cm x 180 cm. " exploration of Australian native plant...based on the eucalyptus caesia whose other names incoude the silver princess and gungurru. Machine pieced and quilted. Hand-dyed, hand-painted and commercial fabrics.


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